Frequntly Asked Questions


1. What is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with a dry and wet season. It can be visited all year round. However, the generally accepted best times for travel are from November to April for the West Coast, South Coast and the Hill Country and from April to September for the Cultural Triangle and the East Coast. There are many festivals in Sri Lanka, perhaps the most famous is in Kandy which takes place in July/August. It lasts for 10 days and honours the sacred tooth relic of Buddha. Kandy is my home town so I can highly recommend this festival.


2. What is the weather like in Sri Lanka?

Great. But please go to the page: Waeather in Sri Lanka or to one of the following links


3. Is it safe to travel in Sri Lanka?

It is very safe to travel in Sri Lanka and you can go everywhere without fear of being molested. We are very friendly and welcoming to visitors with a stable and democratically elected government.


4. Do I need a visa?

All European Union Countries need a tourist visa
and this is automatically issued on entry at a cost of $25.


5. What are the medical facilities like?

We have a very good health system in Sri Lanka. Many of our Doctors have been trained overseas and work in Sri Lanka and many of our home trained doctors work in developed countries. However, like all overseas travel, medical insurance is highly recommended.


6. Can you eat the local food and drink the water?

One of the reasons to visit Sri Lanka is to experience our cuisine, only like in every country, be selective where you choose to eat. European food is widely available in hotels. Bottled water should be drunk at all times but as an alternative we have fantastic Ginger Beer and other soft drinks and of course many varieties of normal beer and wine.


7. What clothes should I bring?

It depends on what time of year you visit Sri Lanka but generally summer clothes, a light rain jacket and if you visit the Hill Country a warm pullover or jumper. It is also worth remembering that out of respect when visiting religious sites for ladies to have a light long dress and long sleeves and gentlemen long trousers.


8. Do we travel together with other tourists?

No, you have your own vehicle, driver and itinerary. Of course, if you book as a group then you will travel together in a car, people carrier or minibus.


9. Do we have to pay entrance fees?

Yes, unless you have booked the Sapphire Tour which includes all entrances.


10. How much are the entrance fees?

They vary from year to year, so please check on the Sri Lankan Tourist Board website.


11. Who will be meeting us at the airport in Sri Lanka and what happens if our flight is delayed?

I, Chandi, will meet you at the airport and if your flight is delayed I will wait for you. Please do not worry.


12. How do we pay?

You will pay when you arrive in cash in dollars, sterling or euros.



If you have any other question please do not hesitate to contact me at

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